7th – 11th November 2022 is National Youthwork Week






“One of the most powerful protective factors that can mitigate the effects of trauma and adversity for vulnerable children and young people is a stable, supportive attachment relationship with at least one or two caring, trusted adults who actively listen, respond with empathy, understanding and respect, and convey kindness and compassion (Benard, 2020).”

For the team at The Door this quote from recent research helps show the essence of youthwork.  Our youthworkers are uniquely positioned to be able to make strong connections and trusted relationships with vulnerable young people.

By filling that gap between teachers, other authorities and parents. Youthworkers are able to build trust and rapport with young people outside of school or home.

In our youth provision across the Stroud and Cotswold Districts, we often see some of the most vulnerable young people regularly sharing their concerns and being supported and held by our youthwork team. 

We work tirelessly to ensure that we don’t just provide a service that is “good enough” but to excel in all that we do.  The last year has provided us with many opportunities to both grow and provide these high standards of delivery we expect of ourselves.

Here are just a few key events that have affirmed our approach:

  • We are delighted to be commissioned for a second 3 year term by Stonehouse Town Council to provide youthwork
  • Thanks to funding for training for our youthwork teams. We have made our practices and centres more inclusive for those with additional needs such as Autism. 
  • We have started an exciting journey to bring our service offer to young people in the Cotswold District. Having made great strides already through the delivery of youth clubs in Fairford and undertaking research in Cirencester. As well as continuing conversations with Cirencester and other town councils about the future.

These are all tremendous achievements but it doesn’t stop there! We have yet more great news to share in the coming weeks of wider external recognition of the high standard and impact of our youthwork. More on that next month.

National Youthwork Week

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