Happy Trustees Week!

So it may well have escaped your notice that 7th to 11th November is Trustees Week.  It’s also International Stress Awareness Week.  Yes, that is just a coincidence.

So it’s a great time to say thank you to our unpaid board of trustees, and acknowledge the vital contribution they make.  They’re a group of volunteers who share our Christian faith, our passion for supporting vulnerable young people and their families, and a willingness to offer some of their skills and experience and give a bit of their time to keep us on the right track.  Specifically, this involves around 10 meetings a year, with additional opportunities to get involved in fundraising and management support.

If that sounds at all interesting, the good news is that at the moment there are opportunities to join our board.  We’re looking to replace a couple of our trustees who have had to step down for family reasons.  You might think you’re “not the trustee type” but really there’s no such thing – we welcome diversity of skill sets, backgrounds and ages from 18 up.  We feel that one of the strengths of The Door is our ability to mesh these together – and you certainly don’t need to be an ‘insider’ in the caring professions.

You may have some management experience, or a bulging contacts file and a penchant for organising fundraising events, or an ability to reflect and maybe think outside of the box. You may have benefitted from The Door in the past as a young person or a parent, and feel you want to give back. If you have any human resources expertise, we would particularly like to hear from you.

We’ll be putting more details on thedoor.org.uk/volunteer/  and if your boat has been at all floated, please do call Graham or Victoria for a chat on 01453 756745 or drop them an email using the contact form on our website

Oh, I nearly forgot – you do also need the ability to be extra nice to senior managers…

Happy Trustees Week!

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