Answers to prayer…

We have 3 new staff members starting with us this week.

All of our mentoring relationships have been making good progress recently.

This weeks pray points…

Monday 11th October

Please pray that we will have a good group development session for our volunteers tonight.

Tuesday 12th October

Please pray for the continued success of the illuminate Sessions at Archway School.

Wednesday 13th October

Please pray for the health of our teams, for speedy recoveries all round.

Thursday 14th October

Please pray for the right people to come forward and volunteer in our charity shop

Friday 15th October

Please continue to pray for young people to find peace and express themselves more constructively in our youth club sessions

Saturday 16th October

As we get to the end of the first half term of this new school year, please pray for a positive end and a restful break.

Sunday 17th October

Please continue to pray for funding applications to be successful.

Weekly Prayer

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