“It takes a village to raise a child” – African proverb

How true this is.

As The Door’s CEO people often ask me to talk about who we are and what we do. And it’s at these times, as I begin recounting the extensive and diverse support provided by The Door, that I don’t just amaze the listener but myself as well.

The delivery team at The Door are often that ‘village’ for so many of our service users. Our diverse portfolio of support means we can literally wrap our services around them, as they move forward.

Moreover, being needs-led means we are constantly seeking to improve and extend this support; to grow our ‘village’ and best raise each ‘child’.

This month we are moving forward on two new projects which are both great examples of this principle.

Firstly our exciting new Young Leaders Programme. Born out of a need to empower young people to step up and take responsibility where they are.

And secondly our involvement in the innovative new Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme:

Built on collaboration between 7 organisations across the county; this mentoring programme will bring us together with other professionals to best address the needs of young women and girls who are at risk of entering the judiciary system. 

Not only will we be overseeing the implementation of this programme in the Stroud and Cotswold Districts but we are also excited to be hosting the overall Coordinator for the programme who will be the glue in the collaboration.

This represents for The Door a great opportunity to not only expand our ‘know how’ for a specific cohort but also to expand our support to vulnerable girls in the Cotswolds too.

So, look out for more updates on this over the coming months as new staff start to take their place in our family and set about all that is needed to create an offer that is at the heart of all we stand for: making a real difference in the lives of the vulnerable and giving them hope.

Victoria Robson, CEO, The Door

CEO Update Oct 21

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