Hi I’m Charlotte

I’ve always wanted to run a half marathon but never thought I could.

I first came to The Door when I was 16, and I was looking for support from a mentor. To have that feeling that I was being understood even in the most challenging times was vital for me.

It was such a great experience that I trained as a volunteer myself, and I have been supporting young people for a few years now.

The Door has given me so much over the years. From listening to me when I felt no one else was, to helping me be that for another young person. And even giving me the inspiration for my career. So I have decided to give something back by taking on my own fundraising challenge.

When COVID brought an end to my planned trip to Asia I was desperate for something to work towards. With some friendly encouragement, I decided I’d enter the Stroud Half Marathon.

I’ve run on and off since school, but when January came around this year, I was really feeling sluggish and wanted to feel healthier so I started to take it a bit more seriously. Once a week to start with, then twice.  Now I’m trying to run twice a week and doing a mix of yoga and aerial hoop training to build strength.

It’s been really helpful fundraising for The Door because it makes all the hard training so worthwhile.

Most people say ‘It’s all about the journey, not the end’ but I’m really looking forward to receiving that medal and t-shirt! It’ll be such an achievement (my first half marathon ever!) And of course seeing my family and hopefully some Door supporters at the finish line too! 

I usually listen to my playlist when I’m running but, I noticed that headphones are banned from the race,  so I hope I’ll meet some lovely people along the way who won’t mind having a chat with me.

I hope that the money I raise will go towards where it’s needed the most. The support and service that The Door gives to young people, schools, parents and the community is priceless. But we all know charity funds only go so far, so I’m happy to do my bit! 

Here’s where you can donate:  I’m so so close to target and every pound is so appreciated!


Charlotte’s Half Marathon Story

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