Stonehouse Youthworker raises over £1500 in epic Gaming Marathon fundraiser.

For most people 2 or 3 hours of gaming is plenty but for Isak Sandgren-Clarke; youthworker at The Door in Stonehouse, hour 3 was just the start. Inspired by #GamingForGood Isak took on a mammoth 20 hours of live gaming to raise awareness for youth loneliness. Live on YouTube from 6am on Saturday 6th March until 2am the next morning. All in aid of The Door Youth Project.

Isak said: “It was hard work keeping an eye on the chat, the stream and the gaming. Not to mention staying awake! But it was worth it to be able to connect with young people we haven’t been able to see in person. Having local young people watching, playing along, and taking part in the event was a huge bonus and their enjoyment of it was amazing. One young person said it was the most fun they’ve had in months, and one parent saying how much they appreciated knowing that their young people were in a safe place for the day and occupied with positive role models meant so much to them”

“I’m so grateful to everyone that supported this challenge, by tuning in, gaming and of course by donating. So far we’ve raised over £1500 which is incredible “

Fellow youthworker Willow said “The event was amazing, well done Isak! Not only was he live streaming his own gaming but he was also inviting young people and volunteers to join in too. To be able to do all of this, as well as the technical work and keep the stream so engaging for 20 whole hours was a real golden piece of youthwork. He created such an exciting safe space online for young people to come together. This is so important right now due to social distancing and restrictions on youth clubs.”

“Young people were queuing up before the 6am start to join the stream and many made it all the way to 2am. With over 400 individual views the stream it’s clear there is a demand out there for this kind of 21st century youthwork”

If you want to get involved with future gaming events and activities find Isak on Instagram @StonehouseDoor or Subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss out.

Gaming Marathon Smashes Target!

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