Hi I’m Tracy and I am taking on the 100kinMay Challenge for The Door

A few years ago, a challenge like the 100kinMay would be have been impossible for me. I had spent many years, bed-bound and needing to use a wheelchair because of my M.E. I’ve suffered with M.E. for most of my life, so I’ve had to learn to pace myself and be careful how much physical activity I undertake. 

I’m really excited to be at a point in my life, where I can even consider taking up the challenge. This will be a huge personal achievement for me, and hopefully, I can raise a lot of money at the same time.

I’m nervous about doing too much; because of the repercussions that could have. The main challenges will be health-related but with some careful planning and plenty of time to rest and recover I can’t wait to get started!


Most of all I’m looking forward to walking in some of my favourite places and planning some new routes.

I’ve set a fundraising target of £500. That’s enough to start 50 young people on their mentoring journey and I really hope we can raise as much as possible. You can sponsor me and other members of The Door Team on our #TeamDoor page. Please give what you can.
I joined The Door as a Sessional Youth Worker last year. I already feel so very privileged to be part of this amazing team and the work that we provide. Supporting young people and their families is more vital than ever, as we emerge from the pandemic.
I hope our steps and fundraising will help #KeepTheDoorOpen for those that need us.

Half way there!

Tracy and Kathleen clocking up the km’s on their patrols of Cam and Dursley

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Tracy’s Story

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