Paul is aiming to raise over £1000 towards the work of The Door - sponsor him today at

Marathon Training Stats (As of 1st Feb 2019) - Days to go : 86, Days training : 32, Miles to date : 123, Miles this month : 123
This is Paul,  he is taking on a massive challenge and running the prestigious London Marathon to raise money for The Door.
Paul recently visited The Door's Stroud Centre to see in person the work his sponsorship will support:
"It was so good to meet with Anne at the Door and be shown around, my eyes were opened to how much actually goes on there and how much good is being done through the project. Youth clubs, resources for young people, chill places, and not just in Stroud but out to Cam, Dursley, Wotton, Stonehouse and Avening - amazing! Not to mention the mentoring and family support aspects which provide an amazing service. With an established and growing number of volunteers, it really is a good work!"
"My Training consists of a mixture of types of run; shorter easy runs (slower) of 4-6 miles, then 5 mile runs with speed sessions, sometimes called efforts or stride outs to push and increase my strength and speed. Living in Stroud affords me the privilege to also do hill runs, runs through woods and off road such as along the commons. Again this strengthens me as a runner and is a good alternative to just flat road training.
In January I have done some longer hill runs, my favourites this month have been through Kings Stanely, up to Selsley common through the woods and fields. Also up to Rodborough common, along the top to Minch and then back down either to the canal path or a longer run via Avening and Nailsworth along the cycle track.
These runs are my favourite as you get up high and see the beauty of creation and become a part of it whilst training; double bonus!
I am blessed to be part of the Stroud Athletic Club (Stroud AC - who RULE by the way! ) and run with them regularly (joined back in June 2018). The great thing is that the runs our lovely leader Sharon Stevenson (and co pilot Colin Waller) choose just work really well with my training plan for the Marathon! It's so good to run with them rather than on my own!
This month's highlight was a long run over the commons, it was a beautiful morning with lovely weather and clear views and I had the company of another Stroud AC runner with me which was just great!
My main goal is to stay on plan, both training (which includes rest days and I'm also doing swimming for the cross train days which is really good and a nice change), and eating.  Also to stay injury free. So far so good!
Onwards 🙂
Run Paul run! Marathon Update

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