After an early start and driving in the rain we arrived as Weston.

Once we parked the minibus we went down to see the beach, the sea was in for once which was very good.

Next we went into the Seaquarium,  there were some really big fish in some of the tanks and other ones had lots of little fish – like Dory and Nemo. In one of the tanks there were sting rays, they were so cool! I wanted to jump in and swim with them!

Thankfully when we came out of the aquarium it had stopped raining and we went in search of lunch, some proper fish and chips. It took a while to find a chip shop but it was worth the wait.

After lunch the youthworkers gave everyone the opportunity to do their own thing in groups. Some people went to the arcade on the front, others went for a walk in the town.

I chose to go on the walking art tour around the town. The


art was very cool, it was mainly street art and graffiti, my favourite was a crouching soldier. It had been painted on the side of a building near the bus station. There was other art too and I even got to meet one of the artists and her dog which was really cute!

Finally we all jumped back on the mini bus and headed back to Stroud

Overall the day was a bit damp and a bit tiring as I walked so far but I really enjoyed it! 🙂

Weston Super Mare 2017 – Told By Leon

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