Following on from the announcement that we have received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, we asked our mentoring team leader Alistair to share his experience of the Buckingham Palace Garden Party.
“Later in the year we will be hosting Dame Janet Trotter, The Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire to officially present us with a trophy to commemorate the award. But the beforehand the announcement also came with an invitation to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party. Victoria kindly invited me to join her.
Unlike my father who turned down a visit because he did not think my mother would enjoy it, (he was never forgiven) I went to the party and left my wife at home. I know, it was sad but I was accompanied by three lovely ladies, Victoria and her daughters Emily and Annie.
I am pleased to say it was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures reaching over 25 degrees, at least that’s what the car said as did a U-turn in the Mall, and we gained envious stares from crowds of tourists as we were guided to a parking place in the shade of the trees along Constitution Hill.
After an hour of queuing, in front of the aforementioned tourist, we had our ID checked, we entered the forecourt and went through the arches into the quadrangle. The front door was wide open for us, and we stepped onto the red carpet, walked through the Palace hallway and out into the gardens! The view was stunning.
We took tea on the lawn and partook of the lovely cakes and sandwiches. The plates were small but we soon learnt how to stack the nibbles efficiently, something Annie excelled at. Yes there were cucumber sandwiches, with the crusts cut off, but they included a mint leave so were truly delicious.
Then as the Queen and Prince Phillip came out, we all took our positions on the route to the Royal tent, to get our glimpse of the royals, elbows were required! But we got great positions and were within 5 foot of both as they passed.
More tea more music and the the Queen withdrew.
That was it, all over in 3 hours, but it was still a day I shall remember for ever, such an honour, and all because my team of amazing volunteers and all at The Door are so wonderful and at last getting the acknowledgement they truly deserve!”
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A Day At The Palace

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