How was the journey to the park?

We had an early start, I had to get up at 7! The minibus was a bit cramped but that was ok, it was fun.

How was it when you arrived?

I was really excited, I had never been to a theme park before. Everything looked really fun, it was immense! First we got our tickets then we all went into a big dome full of arcade games which were a bit noisy. Then the youthworkers got us to split up into groups.

What did your group get up to?

We played in the arcade for a bit then we took it in turns to choose a ride.

Firstly we went on Swarm which was a big grey roller-coaster. It was scary but fun especially when it went upside down and in lots of circles straight after each other.


Next I chose the 360 pirate ship, it was really funny because everyone was screaming and shouting especially when we went over the top. It made my tummy feel funny a bit like the drop tower did.

The Ghost train was next it really scary, it felt like everyone was running and screaming but it was just a Virtual Reality illusion.

Finally we went on the log flume which we went round 5 times, we all got soaked!

What did you think of the rides?

They were awesome and heart pumping!

If you had to sum it up in one word what would it be?


Any final thoughts?

It was great to meet with new young people from the other centres and to get to know them better. I made lots of new friends.



Thorpe Park 2017 – Told By Roxy

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