Jake came to us in June this year following an incident with the police. He had become concerned that his cannabis use was getting out of control and was spending over £100 each week on drugs.
Following on from completing the pre-mentoring course PAUSE in late June, a rather nervous Jake met with a very nervous mentor (the last ‘graduate’ of our Spring training course.)
Just 3 months later at our first review session, a much more confident Jake told me that he had got far more out of the mentoring than he had expected. With his mentors help, he had started investigating the reasons behind his addiction and that he was learning far more about himself than he thought he would.
Jake also reported that he had managed to reduce his Cannabis usage by an incredible 80%, allowing him to be far more in control of his life and a lot more self assured.
This is a great success for Jake and his mentor. Keep up the good work!
Mentoring Team Leader
Jake’s Story

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