Hello, I’m Hara.
I’m 18 years old and have just started as a sessional youthworker for the Stroud area. I have been at The Door for a year and a half as a youthwork volunteer and I have loved learning about young people and the community.
I’m currently in my first year of university, studying for a degree in Youthwork.
I’m very excited about the opportunity that The Door has given me and I can’t wait to continue the great work that The Door does.
Hello, I am Laura, one of the new sessional youthworkers at The Door.
I am originally from Hungary and came to England 3.5 years ago when I finished university there. After I settled down a little bit, I wanted to do some volunteering preferably with animals, and that’s when I first heard about The Door from my host family. I never thought I would be interested in working with young people and their families, but I did my first interview with Victoria and I just knew it was going to be something I really like.
I started as a volunteer mentor and my first mentee was really inspiring. She achieved all the goals we set and it was a real blessing to be there by her side and to see her reaching her goals. After a few months volunteering I felt I wanted to be involved with youthwork as well, so started volunteering in the Drop-in.
I really enjoyed the sessions with the amazing youthwork team and started to get to know the young people there. In July this year, when I was struggling to find a second job which I would love doing, Annie told me about this opportunity. I was over the moon, when they offered me the job.
I am so grateful for this role and it is a huge privilege to be a part of the amazing Door family and bring a positive change into young people’s lives.
I truly believe I finally found my role I have been called for and I am so excited about my future with The Door. đŸ˜‰
Youthwork Introducing: Hara and Laura

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