Kelsey was referred for parenting support via her 16yr old daughter’s school. Her daughter was refusing school and older brothers Ricky 21yrs and Ben 17yrs were NEET (not in Education, Employment or Training.) In addition mum’s husband had just left the family home as a result of issues between them. When we first visited to complete our assessment, mum was showing signs of depression and stress, and Ben was sleeping in the living room with no personal space which was causing tensions. While the referral was originally to support mum, it was clear that direct support for mum was not the only intervention that would be of help. The support worker took the opportunity to talk to Ricky and Ben to understand their needs too. Ricky recognised that at 21 he needed his independence and support to do this. Ben, who was father to a daughter of less than a year old, was frustrated and lacked optimism or motivation about his future. In addition, mum also needed to sort a situation that had arisen. She was in breach of her tenancy due to having 2 dogs in the house – one of which was a large husky type dog and neither were being exercised. One of the dogs needed re-homing.

There was much to be done. As a result of the support worker’s experience and knowledge of similar situations, she worked closely with her colleague youth workers within the project to support the sons and investigate re-homing their dog. Within a week of our visit Ricky was enrolled on a Princes Trust programme for 12 weeks and following a referral to the local Youth Support Housing scheme he was also offered a place within one of their houses. This action had a very positive knock on effect at home. Within days of Ricky’s news, Ben had secured an apprenticeship. Mum and her husband also decided to repair their relationship. While early days, mum is feeling much stronger and is resolved to get her daughter back to school. During a recent telephone call she said – ‘thank you so much, if it hadn’t been for The Door helping us we wouldn’t be where we are now – it’s been brilliant.’ We will continue to keep in touch with the family until they decide they are ready to go it alone.

The Neber Family’s Story