This month’s case study is about a young person who was made homeless after being kick out of her boyfriend’s house.

She was unable to go home because of problems surrounding DV. I worked closely with her, putting her in touch with the Beresford group and finding help through YST and Stroud council. She had lost her job, so was homeless and jobless at the same time. Her boyfriend is very controlling and she would look to him for his approval before she would make a decision on anything, which made things very difficult at times. I helped get the ball rolling on the housing problem and went to the job Centre with her to sort out her job seekers benefit. We spoke about counselling or mentoring and she felt this would help.

It took about 2 weeks to find her and her boyfriend a flat to live in. I gave them information about grants, benefits and discounts they could receive from different companies. I also help them to find furniture and white goods for their flat.

The icing on the cake is that she had an interview for the Co-op last week and has just secured a job with them.

Elizabeth’s Story

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