We recently asked Danielle to write a few words about how The Door Youth Project has affected her life. We were blown away with what she wrote….

How has it affected me?

It has changed my life dramatically, when I started going to The Door I was scared and intimidated. I was in a book with a few chapters not nearly completed. At this moment at time I feel like my book is more complete since I have been going to the door. All the staff are very supportive. Old staff that have left and new staff. I have only been coming to the door for over a year and a little. I feel strongly about The Door because there are many opportunities that can help a lot. I have had help from The Door a lot. Mentoring music, art work, social skills, volunteering, fundraising. All things I have realised I have done and took part in or gained.

The staff are amazing and the volunteers. James, Annie, Grant, David, Danny, Jonny, Grace, Aishia, Barrie and Sam. These members of staff have helped me, some more than others. Danny and Aisha have boosted my confidence in singing which has also helped my general confidence. James has helped me so much it is unreal, he saved me from killing myself, I owe him my life. Grace, helped me at The Door and YST when I was kicked out like James. David, Grant and Jonny make the place funny they make jokes or do things that make you feel at home, Annie and  Sam are new but they have made a massive change like it feels like a home.

It upsets me how people disrespect The Door as someone may need that help and support but it would have been ruined. So they then lose out or it could mean they could do something stupid which could be death which scares because they are important.

I just wish I had a place like this when I lived in Bristol, because I’d be different and I wouldn’t have the problems that I have now. But they would have helped me and most people that come here. So I just want everybody to feel the same as I do. I don’t know what people would do if the The Door stopped getting funds. If it came to the point The Door needed funds I’m sure that people would help out as much as they can. I know that I would use all my wages and start earning money like doing carboot sales and stuff like that because this place means the world to me.

I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that this is their second home. I know this is my second home I’d rather live here than at my home I love this place so much. I think that The Door is a family and we look after our family. I love you guys!


Danielle’s Story