Fancy a coffee?  Starbucks the coffee tycoon has supported over 50 local young people within the Stroud District by funding towards The Door Youth Projects summer trips, enabling the charity to subsidise the costs making it affordable for young people.

200px-Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svgFundraiser, Harry Gardner says ” to receive the money from Starbucks is an honour, it’s great to see that they also recognise the importance of our work.  The trips were a fantastic success helping young people from all backgrounds. For some the holidays can be very long and boring, the main aim was to provide an alternative to committing crime and participating in drink and drug abuse, one young person who we have been working with for many months described the trip as allowing them to be a child again for the day, this summarises the importance and impact of the trips”
Starbucks Supports The Door