Introducing Teresa…

Hello Teresa


To start us off please could you let us know what you do at The Door.

Ok, that’s an easy one. I am the Administrator for the Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme which is hosted at The Door. So I am here to support the practitioners across the county with their day to day tasks as well as supporting the programme coordinator who is also part of The Door family.

Excellent, GMP is such a great programme. So what brought you to this role?

I first came across The Door when I saw an advert looking for volunteer mentors. I signed up to get involved and now I mentor a parent, meeting with them once a week to offer support. 

During my time volunteering I could see the real positive impact that The Door was having in the community and the value that the team brings. I’ve worked for many years in profit-driven organisations and something in me wanted to make a move to somewhere that was driven by supporting others not the purse strings. So when this role came up I went for it, and here I am!

That’s great, so many of our staff team have started as volunteers it’s a great way to get to know The Door.

It is and that’s what I’m enjoying doing at the moment – getting to know everything about how GMP works and what it has to offer. The fact that I can be a part of a team making a difference in the lives of young people even in the background is just what I have been looking for.

We should probably say that at time of writing you aren’t even at the end of your first month with us!

I know! But I already feel so much part of the team.

What else are you enjoying about your new role?

Meeting new people and supporting all the stakeholders, it’s a pleasure to be helping people.

And what about the less good stuff, is there anything you are finding a challenge?

I think the biggest challenge for GMP as a whole is making the resources available to meet the level of demand for the service. I can sense the frustration of not being able to help as many people as we would like as soon as we would want to.

It certainly is a challenge faced across mental health services at the moment.

So what are you looking forward too?

As well as meeting lots more new people and getting more confident in my role, I’m looking forward to seeing the launch of GMP’s new website and learning all about my role.

Excellent. Now we move onto the less serious business of this interview…


Firstly if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Easy – Marmite on toast! I’ve never not enjoyed it and it’s always there when I need it.

That could be a divisive one! I’m on the side of marmite yes.


What about sports, are you in any teams?

Not really, but I love wild swimming, especially in the River Frome. I’ve also done a few sky dives and would love to do some more.

Quite the daredevil then!

Yes I suppose I am – I think you have to feel the fear then do it anyway, if it scares you do it (as long as it’s safe of course!)

Of course!

Thank you Teresa.

Thank you.


Introducing Teresa

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