Hi I’m Molly. I’m 17 and I volunteer in The Door’s youth clubs.

I’d never done much volunteering but I needed something to put towards my Duke of Edinburgh Award. I knew there was a youth club near me because my younger brother was going there.

At the time I was really low in confidence. Asking someone if I could volunteer seemed really daunting and scary. DofE forced me to apply to be honest.

If I wanted to achieve something I had to make that first step.

I met up with one of The Door’s youthworkers and she made me feel a bit more at ease. I started to help in the youth club once a week, and immediately I enjoyed myself so much, I became a regular in the centre. It was really nice to feel included and have a safe space to be myself.

Through The Door I signed up to have a mentor. Doing my GCSEs and A levels I had a few really bad experiences so it was really helpful to get personal help and be able to talk to someone outside of youth sessions. I’m really grateful that The Door has been there by my side and given me a helping hand or advice when I needed it.

I completed my Bronze DofE and when I signed up to do the Silver Award I knew that I wanted to continue volunteering at The Door to contribute to it. I really enjoy volunteering and I wanted to help young people in sessions again.

By being a volunteer I’ve definitely grown in confidence. I feel like I’ve become a well-rounded
person with life skills that will help me for the future.

Providing opportunities to take on responsibilities and experience work is an important part of The Door’s Youthwork provision. Find out more about our work experience options at thedoor.org.uk/volunteer

(ps. it’s not just for young people, we welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities) Get in touch to find out more.

Molly’s Story

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