Where would we all be without our mother? Other than the obvious of course!

Having a mum, or any adult role model in our early lives is crucial to a good beginning. And as we grow and learn, having someone on the end of a phone or someone to ‘go home to’ helps us all to stay well.

The modern celebration of Mothering Sunday as we would see it today was originated by Anna Jarvis in May 1907. When she held a memorial service at her late mother’s church in Grafton, West Virginia, USA. 

Now over 100 years later On Sunday 27th of March, we will all have the opportunity (as we do each year) to remember the special debt of gratitude we have to those mothers and mother figures in our lives.

Not only that by next month comes Easter Sunday (17th April). The day that Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps at this time, we should also spare a thought for the anguish of Mary, our Lord’s mother as she witnessed the realisation of her child’s prophesied destiny.

Mary was there for her child no matter what….it is what mums do!

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Mother’s Day Gifts

And at The Door, we hear of mums doing just that, every single day. Our team often see firsthand the huge value that mums have in the lives of their families.

Not just as a mother but as a wife, partner, friend, confidant, and so much more. Because of this, it’s so important that mums have somewhere to be supported too.

So whether it’s a 1:1 mentor, a support group or a course filled with tips and tricks. The Door’s team are here to help mums navigate their day to day with resilience and courage. Helping them tackle what life (and the rest of their families) throw at them.

This Mother’s Day, if you are able, please do consider opening The Door for a mum by purchasing a charity gift from our online shop to help #KeepTheDoorOpen for parents that need us most. – thedoor.org.uk/shop

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