The Door’s Intensive support team are thrilled to be part of the new and exciting Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme. GMP is a new mentoring programme for Gloucestershire. Aiming to support young people who are facing challenging times and who are at risk of offending.

As one of the seven partners in this project, we are focusing on the Stroud and Cotswold districts. In order to do this, we are looking for more volunteer mentors to come and join us at The Door.

Between 11-16, young women are incredibly susceptible to outside influences making this a crucial time in their lives. GMP will focus on young women and girls who face challenges in their lives that put them at greater risk of negative influence. This risk can lead to offending or involvement in the criminal justice system.

Whether they have had an experience of domestic abuse, had disrupted childhoods or a lack of support around them. A trusted mentor that can support, encourage and help them make positive plans for the future can lead to the longer-term impacts being substantially reduced.

Whilst some of these risk factors are inevitable, with mentoring, we can support young people to build resilience and develop tools to support themselves to be stronger moving forward. 

Over the last 30 years, The Door’s team of brilliant mentors have supported hundreds of young people to grow in confidence, build resilience and work towards achievable goals to help them grow into young adults.

This New Year we are looking for new people to join our team of mentors to help our involvement in the Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme.

Your everyday skills such as listening, drinking coffee and going for walks already make you perfect for the role and we provide all the training needed to build your confidence and give you the skills to work with young people or their parents.

We look for people to be good at listening, friendly and supportive, non-judgemental and become a trusted adult for a young person who needs a role model in their life. Our next training course starts in February. Try something new in 2022 and provide a listening ear for someone going through a challenging time. 

Find out more – email the team, call 01453 756754 or apply today at

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