The Door is always open and the Summer holidays are no different.

For most families, the Summer holidays are a time to relax and recharge. Take a step back from the stresses of the year so far and have some fun. But for many, it can be a very difficult time.

Lots of the young people we talk to are at a loss without the structure of a school timetable and often the summer results in uncertainty and more anxiety. This can build without the support they receive at school either from their friends or their teachers. Without their time being occupied they seek support online or release their stress on their families.

Parents are also suddenly having their normal routine turned on its head as they try to look after their teenagers 24/7. Sometimes displaying behaviours they do not understand or even no longer talking to them. All the things they used to do to entertain them have stopped working and they are met with derision or even anger. This challenges a parent’s self-belief that they are doing the right things and they start to doubt everything.

So in these times of struggle, with schools closed, who can families turn to? The Door!

All our services are open throughout the summer break. And it’s not just about the youth clubs and events. Our intensive support team remain on hand to support young people and parents as individuals. Whether you just need a one-off chat, someone to offload to or something longer term we are here for you. Not only are we open we are accessible with support available by phone, video call or in person. Full details of support can be found on the young people and families pages of our website. And don’t forget about YouTube where we have made available to everyone many short videos full of tips and encouragement to see you through these difficult times. Remember you are not alone this summer.
Support for you this Summer

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