As part of our celebrations for National Youth Work Week 2020 we asked The Door’s youthwork team to let us know their ambitions for youthwork over the next 10 years. Here’s what they had to say:

Barrie Voyce illuminateStroud DirectorBarrie – Director of illuminateStroud

My ambitions for youthwork are that there is good quality, embedded youthwork in every community. That young people’s voices are considered as relevant as everyone else’s. That opportunities for young people to explore and develop their potential are increased and that mental health in young people improves exponentially.

Willow DS Acting Community YouthworkerWillow – Acting Community Youthworker Stroud:

My big dream is to have all young people feel confident  and empowered to speak up and take charge of their services, and other areas of their lives. I want them to know for a fact that their voices will be heard, respected and valued the same as anybody else’s.

Isak SC Community Youthworker StonehouseIsak – Community Youthwork Coordinator Stonehouse and Avening:

My hope for youthwork is that it gets the public wide recognition that it deserves, and that youthwork operates as part of the fabric of society in the lives of all young people, be that on the streets or on their phones.

Kathleen H Community Youthworker Dursley CamKathleen – Community Youthwork Coordinator Dursley and Cam:

Quite often in young people’s lives they are always told that they can do better. My vision is that when young people come to our Youth Centres that we will always look towards working with their strengths and gifts. Not just nagging about what they can’t do. I hope that this approach will help young people to establish their own identity rather then have the pressure of becoming something their not. 
I would like to see young people playing a key part in their communities and that those communities welcome them with open arms. That any divides caused by any stereotyping or prejudice of how people perceive young people can be broken down.
Sam Community Youthworker WottonSam – Community Youthworker, Wotton: 
I want young people that come across youthwork to feel prepared to make a positive contribution to society in their adult life. I want them to realize how incredibly smart and brave they really are regardless of any circumstance they are in. Together I hope we will build up young people into  confident adults who will be ready to succeed in life.
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Ambitions for Youthwork #NYWW20

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