Local Youth Clubs are an essential service – National Youthwork Week 2020

This month’s Director’s Chair comes from Director of Service Delivery, Victoria Robson:

When you think of Youthwork what comes to mind? Do you see a Youthworker around a pool table with a bunch of young people; having fun and playing games? Or maybe it’s someone hanging out and being ‘down with the kids’ while sitting in a youth centre? 

If that was your first thought then you are certainly not alone, and while we do indeed do these things (except perhaps the ‘getting down with the kids bit) this is just a tiny part of what happens when youthworkers and young people come together. And this distant view doesn’t in any way represent the value, necessity and the significant outcomes our profession achieves. 

Youthwork is a continuous and challenging task; in youth centres, on the streets and since lockdown, online. It’s about being a trusted adult and role model for those who have none, a listening ear and support for those most in need. Youthwork is providing a place for young people to socialise with their peers and feel safe away from the turbulence of often dysfunctional home life as well as offering a life- line for those struggling with their mental health, especially in these challenging times.

It is for these latter reasons that Youthwork has (finally!) been designated by the UK Government as an Essential Service. Meaning we are now ranked alongside Social Care, the Police and Mental Health Services as part of the much needed provision of support required to maintain the well-being and safety of our communities.

So please join us as we, celebrate National Youthwork Week. To acknowledge the great efforts and support that is provided by all in our profession and especially the team, both staff and volunteers, at The Door. As we continue to stand by young people and their families, as we all face up to an uncertain future together.

The Door’s professional teams of youthworkers and intensive support staff have been serving the Stroud District for almost 30 years. To find out more about the services available to young people (11-25) and their families call 01453 756745 visit thedoor.org.uk or find us on Social Media @TheDoorStroud

Directors Chair – National Youthwork Week

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