This month’s Director’s Chair is from Victoria, Director of Service Delivery at The Door

It is widely recognised that there are five key ways to mental well-being:

1. To Connect,  2. Be Active,  3. Keep learning,  4. Give to others, and 5. Be mindful.

Our focus over the last month across The Door has been to raise awareness, educate and empower young people and their families about the issues surrounding mental health.

By connecting parents at Support Groups, helping young people get active in youth club sessions, providing a safe space for young people to do their school work and opportunities for parents to learn new skills. The Door’s delivery teams have been helping those we support to engage with activities and take steps to improving their mental well-being.

It has been great to see so many young people and parents understanding that it’s ‘ok’ not to be ‘ok’ and that there are lots of practical things that we can all do to ensure we support our own well-being.

We also take mental well-being very seriously when it comes to us as a staff team. As directors we recognise that, for our teams, supporting those in need can have a profound affect on our own mental health too.  So we make sure It’s business as usual for us to value the importance of self-care and to support each other to ensure that first and foremost we are all ok.

Being generous and giving to others is a key part of this and the entire team are very much looking forward to acknowledging and affirming all those who are affected by The Door – the wider community, staff, volunteers and service users alike, at our Annual Celebration and Awards Night on Tuesday  3rd December at Stonehouse Court Hotel.

A fantastic opportunity for us all to connect, give the gift of affirmation and to focus on the incredible ways that The Door supports and provides hope to so many in need.

If you’ve joined us in this celebration before you’ll know just what a great event this is and how inspiring it is to hear so many stories of success.  If you’ve not come along before we would love to see you, it’s one not to miss.

I look forward to seeing some of you there.


 Click here for more Celebration and Awards Night details

Directors Chair November, Victoria

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