When things align, so much more is possible than when we pull in different directions.  Alignment is one of the key ingredients to the continuing success of The Door.  It is always very humbling to see the passion and focus of the entire team as they support each other and pull in the same direction.  The synergy that The Door staff team have, makes so much more possible.  In this edition you’ll read of just two examples; Door Step our fabulous new transition programme for Year 6 students and of course the youthworkers’ plans for an epic summer of fun.

Creating alignment is always key for great things to happen, and it was for this reason that I was delighted recently to be invited onto the strategy panel to support the work of a key initiative cross county ‘Action on ACEs’. (Adverse Childhood Experiences) This important initiative focuses on the notion of a taking a ‘trauma informed’ approach to supporting people to achieve their potential.  That is, focusing on the journey of each person and what has affected them, as a way to inform the best support approach. 

Understanding the whole person and seeing beyond the ‘issue’ to truly understand the vulnerable person beneath, is nothing new of course, as it has been the main stay of our work since the very beginning in 1991.

What is new and exciting is that this is a great opportunity for agencies across the county to align our practice behind this approach.  A strap line for Action on ACEs is the word ‘hope’, a word that has always been fundamental for the work of The Door; having bought ‘hope’ into the lives of the most vulnerable for so many years.  That is why I am excited to align The Door to the Action on ACEs approach and my hope is that many more agencies across our county do likewise, as we collectively recognise the impact of lifelong adversity as a way to enable so many more to reach their potential.

Directors Chair – Victoria

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