For Volunteer Week 2019, The Door is celebrating the 100+ volunteers who regularly give their time and efforts to help fulfil our vision of a society where every young person’s future is defined by their potential and not their past.

People volunteer at The Door for a multitudeof different reasons, often because they themselves found adolescence difficult, or they know of friends and family who did – they want to give something back to society and help others get the help they needed themselves.

However it's not just about helping others, there are many positive effects of volunteering for those that volunteer, as well as The Door and its beneficiaries. We delight in seeing our volunteers grow and develop as much as the young people we serve.

Volunteering helps because it connects you to others; is good for your mind and body; can advance your career; brings fun and fulfilment to your life.

Many of our current paid staff started out as volunteers at The Door, and others volunteered elsewhere before making the leap into employment in the Charity-sector.

We asked 7 of our current volunteers, each working in a different part of the organisation, to sum up why volunteering at The Door is special to them:

 "I used to come as a kid and if I ever came in down there would always be someone to talk to and always be put me in a better, happier mood. I see that happening to others week after week and its great I can help do that for them."Chelsea – Youthwork Volunteer

 "Being able to use my efforts to get fit to benefit others too, was a real privilege." Paul – Fundraising Volunteer

 "Becoming a mentor myself means I can give the support that I received when I needed it the most; giving others the chance to grow and figure things out with a friendly and non-biased voice. My mentor really inspired me and encouraged me to push myself into places I never thought I’d get to. I want to be that encouragement for someone else!" Charlotte – Volunteer Mentor

 "I love being a volunteer mentor. I enjoy giving young people a chance to make life better for themselves. I’ve taught them the tools for living in today’s world – the rest is up to them." John – Door to The Future Volunteer

"Doing this placement I feel like I am doing something productive and I am making a difference in the young people’s lives, especially when I share some of my own experiences about what I have come up against." Courtney – College Placement Volunteer 

"I’ve been volunteering for 6 years now. It stops me getting bored and helps me get out of the house. I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy the work, especially with such a lovely team." Chris—Door Shop Volunteer


"I can speak on behalf of all The Door’s trustees when I say that it continues to be a great privilege to be involved in this work. And most of all, a huge ‘well done’ to all of the young people and their families who have made so many giant steps in their lives. That's why we're all here." 

Tom Howard – Volunteer Chair of Trustees




If you are interested in joining our award winning team of volunteers we would love to hear from you,

Give Anne or Bev a call on 01453 756745, email or read more at

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Volunteer Week 2019

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