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Marathon Training Stats (As of 1st Mar 2019) - Days to go : 60, Days training : 58, Miles to date : 229, Miles this month : 106, Money raised to date via kind donations : £50
Update from The Door:  The Door have just finished training a bunch of new volunteers which is always good news - so now they have 8 new volunteer mentors about to start working with young people which is great!
Training continues into my second month, and I'm now running about 25 miles a week.  A few shorter runs (6 miles with speed and strength training - like sprint efforts around Stonehouse Industrial Estate, or running up Selsley Hill though the woods...!) and then a longer run on Sundays.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays I fall in with my group at Stroud AC which continues to work really well with my training plan for the Marathon, and its always so good to run with the great people there rather than on my own!
Fridays usually a 5-6 miler on my own and Wednesdays are my swim day, which I'm getting better at and its a welcome change.
Throwing in 20-30 minute sessions on the Watt Bike (aka sweat machine!) once a week (trying!) with some gym strength work also at Stroud Leisure Centre... its a full life, fitting it around family, social and work commitments is sometimes challenging!
Keeping my diet  maintained is going well, and my weight is pretty stable with just a fluctuation of 4 lbs up and down over the day. I'll take that!
Highlight this month: (apart from getting my hands on my unmistakably bright orange running vest!)
Hitting 16 miles on my Sunday long runs, which is the farthest I have ever run to date. Not only this but feeling good and pain free and being able to push my pace above my long run training pace which bodes well. This goes up to 18 and then 21-22 miles at the beginning of April
Looking ahead to maintain plan, both training and eating.  Also to stay injury free. So far so good!
Bring on March!! :))
Run Paul run! Marathon Update

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