One of the great fringe benefits of working at The Door is that I get to sit on top of the best charity shop in Stroud.

It’s bright, handily located at the top of the High Street right by Church Street car park, and stocked full of the lovely stuff that our supporters bring in, from clothes to computer games and books to jewellery.

We also sell selection of ‘new goods’ – we’re the cheapest place in Stroud to buy incense sticks, and we stock high quality candles, so if you’re struggling to find an attractive little gift for somebody, don’t forget to drop by. You could even treat them with one of our special ‘Door mugs’ filled with a beautifully-wrapped bag of chocolates for only £5, or a very useful ‘Door  bag’ for £3 ( and if that’s too much, a very orange ‘Door pen’ for £1).

The Door shop is just a great place for finding unexpected things.  In January we held a ‘Wear The Door Day’ when we asked our staff to come in wearing something they’d previously bought in the shop.  Richard had found a jumper to match his red trousers, Lyn got her polo shirt and a cardigan, and I went down to the shop once to change a light bulb and came back with a really comfortable moleskin blazer for less than £8. 

And then there’s Anne – this photo wasn’t even taken on ‘Wear The Door Day’ and her entire outfit was bought in the shop.  But then she is the shop manager!   



Other unexpected discoveries include (other) Anne’s marble run, Bev’s bright trainers, and her whole family of cuddly vegetables (oh, yes) that she’s assembled over the last year.   You never know what you might find.

And you never know it’s not long until prom dress season, when if you’re feeling pressurised to spend your life savings on a one use purchase, our shop can be a great place to make a huge saving, and raise money for The Door to!

And finally….

If you are having a clear out or there’s something in your wardrobe you ‘haven’t worn for years’ then we’d love to receive your quality donations.

The Door Shop is open 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, and 08:30 to 16:30 on Saturdays.

You can even park in the lay by on Parliament Street to unload.

Please remember that unfortunately we’re not able to take electrical goods, car seats or safety equipment, knives, pillows/duvets, videos or cassettes.  Hope to see you soon!

Directors Chair – Operations Director Graham

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