As a small local charity, we’re incredibly indebted to everybody who supports us in any way.

You might be a volunteer mentor or youthworker, a customer or helper in our charity shop, an occasional

 or regular donor, a member of a partner organisation, or maybe you’re happy to stand on a damp street corner every few months holding a collection tin. You might use our prayer diary to pray for us regularly, or just generally stand with us in what we’re trying to do to unlock the potential of young people and their parents and open opportunity for them, and maybe tell others about the services we provide.

So to all of you, thank you so much for all of your support in the past.  We hope you’ve enjoyed receiving news from us about everything going on at The Door, and we’re really sorry that we won’t be able to continue to do so.

Yes, really – I’m sorry to say that this will be the last newsletter you ever receive from us.

Unless you provide us with a few well-placed mouse clicks.

Yes, we appreciate that you’ve probably been inundated with emails over the last few weeks from organisations going on about your privacy, protection of your personal data and something called the GDPR, and it’s tempting to ignore them and maybe come back to them later.  Or you may think that they’re annoying or intrusive, or the bloke down the pub told you it’s all unnecessary, but the simple fact is that if you don’t give us those mouse clicks, we won’t be sending you any more newsletters.

So why not do it now – click on the link at the bottom – you know you want to!  Thanks very much.



Directors Chair

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