Hi I’m Jordan and I’m 18.

School was an ok place for me, I wasn’t one of those people who found it difficult, or got into loads of trouble. I suppose I liked the security of knowing what I was doing every day. I did ok in my GCSEs, and they suggested I do A-Levels. It was alright but the work was a lot harder, I found it hard to organise myself and I sort of lost my way a bit. In the end I didn’t do very well and my grades were quite low.

I’d not done well enough to go to University, although I wasn’t too bothered. I did think I could do better, so I enrolled at college because I didn’t know what else to do.

I’d always come to The Door after school and stuff, so when John told me about Key Cafe, it seemed like a good idea – it fits around my college days and its better for me than usual youth club because its a bit more structured and they focus on helping me sort out what I’m doing with my life. Laura really helped me build up my confidence, she kept saying “it’s going to be alright” I felt really supported, so much so that I decided I wanted to try and get a job. John helped me with the application, he helped me find the form online and to fill in all my details which was really useful.

I couldn’t believe it when I got the job, but its only temporary, now the youthworkers are helping me with an apprenticeship application so I can do something I really love.

The Door is an amazing place, it’s a real safe haven if you are too stressed with school or college. Everyone should go.


The Door’s Key Cafe supports 16-25 year olds who aren’t in employment, education or training, or who struggle to engage fully with a job or college course. Key Cafe is open Wednesday afternoons in our Stroud centre.

Sessions are partially funded by the Lloyds Foundation, a £10 a month donation from you could help us keep making the difference in the lives of young people like Jordan

Jordan’s Story

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