The Door’s Patron, classical/pop cross-over singer Mary-Jess Leaverland, has launched an exciting new “pledge music” campaign designed to support young artists in their quest to somehow get a foot hold in the music industry.

As a teenager and aspiring artist, The Door played a significant part in helping Mary-Jess on the road to her destiny. “I won the Undiscovered Youth Talent competition at The Door because they encouraged me to sing classical music and pursue my true music passion, rather than singing pop music because it was considered more ‘cool’. They really helped me find confidence in my classical voice, so now I’d like to try to do the same for other young artists,” she says.

Mary-Jess will be recording four duets on an EP with some of the most incredibly talented teenage vocalists: Beth Ford, Tazmin Barnes, Kyle Tomlinson and The Strawhouse Singers, as well as her own brand-new solo track. To make the recording happen, Mary-Jess has launched a pledge music campaign, there are a whole range of special exclusive items and experiences to choose from, in return for pledging a contribution towards the recording.

So whether it’s a signed copy of the EP, the chance to attend the recording session, attending a Chinese cooking course with me, or joining me for Afternoon Tea at the Royal Albert Hall, every pledge will help make the EP the best it can possibly be.

In addition, 5% of all pledges will be donated towards the work of The Door, so we can continue to unlock potential and open opportunities for young people, like we did for Mary-Jess.

Don’t delay – the campaign only runs until Christmas! – pledge support NOW!

Mary-Jess Pledges Support for The Door

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