“Hi I’m Roxy, I’m 16 and I live in Stroud.

In June I did my GCSEs – it was a really stressful time for me. The pressure at school to get good grades meant I felt sick most of the time. I was finding things really tough with my friends too. Everyone was getting excited about going to college or 6th form but I was dreading it. I don’t like meeting new people or doing new things as it makes me really anxious.

As my friends seemed so happy about life, I started to distance myself from them – not going out or joining in stuff. They thought I didn’t like them anymore and so I fell out with most of them. Sometimes I just sit in my room and cry.

Throughout it all I was still going to The Door every week, and I plucked up the courage to talk to one of the youthworkers there about what had happened and how I was feeling. They were really great – they listened without judging me and helped me to get some help from the mental health team.

When the summer came round I was really scared about being on my own every day, but because there were so many things to do at The Door I ended up hanging around there most of the time. The youthworkers started talking to me about going to college but I was worried about doing something new, so I said no. During the holidays there were so many activities and trips happening it helped take my mind of school and college which was good. Becky, one of the youthworkers, encouraged me to get involved, and I even went to Thorpe Park – I had never been to a theme park before so I was a bit nervous. When we got there everything looked really fun, it was immense! Becky got us to split up into groups, so I was with a few new people which was scary, but also with someone I trusted.

The whole day was terrific! It was great to meet with new people from the other centres and to get to know them better. I made lots of new friends.

When September came along, and everyone else went back to school I felt really lost. But somehow I felt like I had a bit more confidence. When Becky suggested college I thought maybe I could do it. She helped me apply and came with me to the open day. Now I’m there I’m really enjoying it and I’ve made some new friends.”

Running a trip for young people to Thorpe Park might not seem like a big deal, but for people like Roxy it can be life changing. VOTE today on the Aviva Community Fund and help The Door organise great school holiday activities in 2018


Roxy’s Story

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