There are a whole number of different ways local businesses can support the work of The Door through our Stand Up and Be Counted partnerships. Sometimes its through a financial donation, sometimes by offering us a service for free or at a serious discount, sometimes its about giving some time to help out.

Recently one local company contacted us to say they’d moved out of their offices and wanted us to have their old furniture – what we thought IMG_0056might be a couple of old desks and a table turned out to be a vast array of nearly new tables, desks, chairs and cupboards, it was like walking into Aladdin’s cave!

Over the courIMG_0061se of a weekend, a crack team of volunteers (including the use of a van from another local firm) removed the old, dismantled and shifted the new, and rebuilt it into our offices. We had much more than we needed, and another business leader put us onto a friend who was equipping his new office suite & he offered to buy the left overs from us!

We’re really thankful to all those who donated – the furniture, time and the van! Thanks Team!

Could you help us out? We’re currently looking for support with:

  1. Distribution of promotional leaflets around the Stroud area
  2. Running repairs in our town centre head quarters
  3. Volunteers for our Street Collection on Saturday 10th September
  4. A new Pool Table
  5. Corporate Sponsorship for this year’s Christmas Presence concert
  6. Plants and equipment for the garden at The Vibe in Dursley

If you could help out with any of these – or if you’ve got any other ideas – then please email or call Anne 01453 756745

Sitting Pretty