Vibe LogoIt was once said by Albert Einstein that “I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn”.

We are currently at that stage of the year in which Year 11 school pupils are in the midst of their GCSE exams. For many who have been through this process themselves it might be remembered as a time of great anxiety, uncertainty and stress.

Having worked closely over the last couple of months with Rednock school, we wanted to assist young people throughout this often gruelling process of revision. It was agreed that we would open The Vibe in Dursley and provide staff and trained volunteers to support Year 11 students with their exam preparations.

In the present technological age young people are often faced with cou
ntless distractions. These often serve only to deter young people from engaging sufficiently, or from reaching their full potential. So what can we do?

The core principles of youthwork are sometimes described as follows:-

1) Voluntary participation, 2) Informal education, 3) Empowerment,
4) Equality of opportunity

Taking these principles into consideration we have worked to provide young people with an environment in which they can feel comfortable and supported. Although I am far from being Einstein, it is my great pleasure to provide the conditions in which young people can learn.

A few weeks into this programme and we are encouraged by the uptake; staff from Rednock have said that the sessions have

“a very welcoming atmosphere. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and are great at motivating the students when they need it. It was totally relaxing and welcoming, an absolute pleasure to spend time there.”

Students have also commented:

“I enjoy coming down hpolicyere to study, it is more relaxing and easier to concentrate because they can have breaks.”

“It allows me to do revision with help from other people so that it makes it easier to do and easier to understand. “

“ I can revise without being distracted and it is better to have someone there to help when you need it. These sessions are very helpful.”

This is very encouraging and we look forward to the rest of this years’ sessions.

Sam M Community Youthworker

Revision Session Success