Like all good historical events, there are different versions of the story. I’ve spoken to three people, all of whom claim to have been there ‘at the first meeting’, and all of whom tell a different story. There are some things that they agree on – it was 1991, the name The Door was Andy Morris’ idea, and a budding young youthworker called Brendan seemed to have the hand of God on him throughout. The rest, as they say, gets a bit hazy over the years. But hey, Jesus gets 4 different accounts of His lifetime, so we’re in good company!

Celebrating 25 years, as we have done during May, gives us the chance to look back. To reminisce, to remember the key points. Again, for each of us they are different.
I’ve only been around since 2009, so my highlights are more recent and limited, for others they go back to the beginning but their involvement stops after a year or 2. Then there are people like Graham, who has been involved in one capacity or another from the outset (or there abouts). Standing in the George Rooms during our photo exhibition IMG_0590 (1)was quite breath-taking. To see the line of history from 1991 to 2016 spread out around the room made me realise what a rare and blessed thing this heritage is. Seeing people come in and hover around ‘their’ era was great – the recognition of faces, times had and memories was very special.

That exhibition marked a moment in time. 25 years of The Door – an achievement and a history to be proud and respectful of. The phrase ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ almost doesn’t do it justice.

The open day on Saturday 14th felt different.IMG_1558 It felt  like a launch-pad. The team had spent the week cleaning and clearing, tidying and decorating – able assisted by a bunch of volunteers from Ecotricity. When we flung open the doors on that Saturday morning it felt like a new day – yes we’ve had 25 years but we’re looking forward too. The future is a book yet unwritten, and the future of The Door, like our logo, is bright. In fact that whole weekend, from Business Networking on Friday, to Church Celebration on Sunday served to both celebrate the past and point towards the future. 25 years, and counting…

25 years, and counting