After attending one of our Triple P parenting courses Mrs L asked for additional support with establishing family rules. Family Face Time was suggested so, Mum and Daughter attended numerous sessions over a period of 3 months.  During this time they were been able to have frank and authentic conversations with the assistance of our Family Support manager; conversations that might not otherwise have happened. They talked about things where Mum had concerns for her daughter such as, underage drinking, smoking and associating with other young people much older than herself.  In particular discussions focused around family rules; establishing clear boundaries and identifying and resolving issues specific to their relationship. Mum and daughter both shared the things that they thought were most getting in the way of their relationship.  Each aspect was discussed in turn and a plan for managing disputes was agreed.

Following the 3 months of meetings Mum reported being more confident in her parenting and that she is more able to enforce boundaries, her daughter was able to be more authentic with mum and talk to her about issues that she might otherwise have kept private.

Mrs L And Her Daughter, Family Face Time Success