Helen first came to us after a chance meeting with a friend while out walking.  Her son had dlacrimaisengaged from school.  Home life was challenging, with him rarely leaving his bedroom and becoming increasingly withdrawn.  We began supporting Helen via the parenting course, where she met other parents who were able to encourage and support her, as well as beginning to take on ideas and tips for making home life more bearable.  In line with our commitment to all parents and young people, that we will stay with them for as long as they need us, after the course had finished, we introduced her to her own dedicated support worker for ongoing weekly support.

In addition, we supported her to navigate meetings with school and statutory services to enable her son (I will call him Fred) to begin to re-engage with the world and his education.  And Fred, for now at least, attends The Door accessing our alternative education provision, while we continue to help mum have the conversations needed to get the right education package for him.

As I stand back it is clear to see that Fred and mum have made progress but what do they think? How significant does she see our involvement has been?

At a recent review with Helen she explained:

“I hate to think where I would have been without the support I have had from The Door.  I know I would not have been in a good place.  Above all you have made my situation feel normal in that I know you really understand and I am not the odd one out like I am in my neighbourhood.  I am among those who deal with others like this all the time to make a real difference.  The support I have had from The Door feels like a huge gift that I never want to take for granted – thank you.”

Helen’s Story