The Door Youth Project supports over 1,000 young people and their parents every year.

It costs over £400,000 to deliver its services, but every penny is worth it and massively helps to change lives.

For many years now, the Stroud District Council has realised the true value of what this project does and has supported it however and whenever it can. The Stroud based youth and families charity is pleased to announce that it has recently received £7,680 from SDC, in response to their bid for a Community Investment Grant.

Brendan Conboy, Chief Executive of The Door says, “We are more than delighted to be supported in this way. Of course we do appreciate all donations, but this is more than just money. It is recognition of the true value of what we bring to the youth and therefore the wider community of the town. Thank you to those at SDC that made the decision to support us.”


The Door has always been innovative in its approach to FUNd raising and does like to
emphasise the word FUN. At its SOUL TOWN night in the Stroud Subscription Rooms, on 26th April, it will announce the launch of its FUNNY FACE CAMPAIGN. Using online
social networks it will be judging the funniest faces and the winner will take to the skies with a free gliding lesson, courtesy of the Cotswold Gliding Club. The whole experience is
guaranteed to produced another FUNNY FACE.

In November last year it announced its BAKE-A-DIFFERENCE campaign and although it has had a slow start, people are now registering to join in with the baking fun and helping to raise the dough.
The charity also recognises that the local community is full of people that could help to raise money, it is therefore launching a brand new FUNd Raising pack, which will
encourage people to become COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS and organise fun events to raise money that can be used to support young people in the Stroud District.
To be amongst the first to receive this pack and to learn the identity of the mysterious
Super Hero that is coming to help the charity, contact them now.

Charities need all of the help they can get

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