Colin’s family approached us because he was struggling to get anywhere in life – he had not achieved well at school and had developed a drug habit. He was struggling with family life and found that he simply couldn’t get up in the morning, which often led to aggressive outbursts with his parents.

Colin has a real creative passion, but can present a very ‘alternative’ view on the world. He isn’t very good at hearing other people’s opinions or doing things any other way than the one he thinks is best, even when things go wrong.

Colin spent a year on a Level 1 woodwork course at The Door, this wasn’t always easy as his attendance was low and his attitude and ability didn’t always match up. With some perseverance he achieved his qualification. In the summer he asked to do a 2nd year, and was the first student enrolled on our new Preparation for Work qualifications. Colin now is expected to combine his woodwork with employability learning, and working in small groups in team work tasks. Again this has been a challenge for him, especially as it has meant more morning starts.

Colin has responded to the challenge well – his attendance is well above the 80% target he was set, and his grades have consistently been high. What’s more he has begun to recognize some of his personal weaknesses and started to address them. He is beginning to work with others and listen to the advice of his tutors. What’s more he is also becoming a positive influence on some of the younger students.

Colin’s Story

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