Tom is one of The Door’s Trustees and is getting ready to take on The Door’s 100KinMay Challenge…

May – a time of warm, lengthening days, and of bank holidays. The easy days of summer beckon. The BBQ begins to call out. But I thought I’d make this May a bit of a challenge.

During the month I will be aiming to run 100km, all with the goal of gaining sponsorship for The Door. So while I unlock my own fitness, I can hopefully unlock money for The Door too.

As a trustee for the charity, I know first-hand what amazing, invaluable work The Door does for young people and families across Gloucestershire.

I am keen on fitness and already do a reasonable amount of running, most recently competing in the Minchinhampton 10k in March.

Which put me to thinking: how should I tackle the 100k in May? My answer is to run the route of the Minch 10k… you’ve guessed it, 10 times during the course of the month. Hopefully, I can shave a few seconds off my time as the days tick by.

So if you’re somewhere around Minchinhampton and Avening during May and see a shaggy-haired 40-something panting his way up a hill, give me a toot or a shout. But not a lift.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress throughout May with some blog updates/motivational meanderings. Keep dropping by The Door’s website and socials.

It’s not too late to join me. If you too want to take part in the 100k in May, then check out The Door website and sign up. You needn’t run it – you could cycle it, swim it, even hop it – all in the knowledge that every stride, revolution and stroke is for a great cause.


Donate today in support of everyone taking part in 100kinmay here


Half way update

I write this exactly two weeks into May. I am four ten 10ks down, so a mere six to go until I chalk up my 100k in May. I am on track… I think.
In fact, I could have been five 10ks down by now, but I got caught out by the massive electrical storm that nobody forecasted a couple of Sundays ago. There I was, stretching my legs through Minchinhampton when out of nowhere some very dramatic lightning and rain appeared. Now, I love running in all weathers, and I made it to Box, but then it did get a bit silly. Preferring dignity to electrocution, I hastened home to plot my next effort.
In my last post, I invited people to toot if they saw me out and about in my runners. My neighbour, David, must have been reading. He beeped behind me as I was running into Minch on the Tetbury Road on Sunday, frightening the living daylights out of me. That’ll teach me.
A family visit up north meant I did my fourth 10k along the Lancashire coast. So I’m spreading the word about The Door’s work one stride at a time. Just several thousand more to go….
Tom’s 100KinMay Story

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