Introducing…. Cathie (Charity Shop Assistant at The Door Shop)

Hello Cathie, are you ready to start?

As I’ll ever be!

Excellent, so first off, what is your role at The Door?

It’s pretty self-explanatory really, I am a shop assistant in The Door Shop (The Door’s charity shop) in Stroud. I serve customers at the till, sort donations, create displays and keep the shop floor tidy. And of course, we are always looking out for our customers and looking after our volunteers. 

Sounds like you have plenty to juggle each day! 

Yes but you get used to it, I’ve been here since I started volunteering over 5 years ago.

Tell us more about that..

I started as a volunteer in the shop when I first moved to Stroud; I didn’t know many people so I thought it would be a good way to get to know the area and build my confidence. I never expected it to go anywhere but I got on so well with everyone I just had to stay. And now I’m part of the staff team I even get paid for it too!

Win Win!


So, what’s the best part of your role, do you have a favourite?

Well it has to be the people, the customers, my colleagues, the other volunteers. We always have so much fun (don’t worry we get the work done too!) and look after each other. I really enjoy coming to work. And it’s great to be doing something worthwhile with my time, that impacts the local community. It’s important to me to look after others.

Great, is there anything more challenging about the role? 

Not really, of course on a very rare occasion you have a customer that makes life a little more complicated that it needs to be but you have to enjoy it and help them the best you can.

Very diplomatic

Thank you..

You mentioned creating displays as something you enjoy in your role, have you always been creative?

Yes, I’ve always been very creative, more so recently I’ve developed my freedom of creativity to try new things and styles.

I’m always making something, I like to upcycle clothes or furniture in my spare time. I really enjoy making something from nothing. Sometimes, I even use items from the shop and bring them back to sell; damaged pillowcases and cushion covers can be turned into lovely handbags for example and then it saves them from going in the bin.

Sounds good to me! What can we expect from you next? Or what are you looking forward to?

Ooh I’m not sure, maybe some furniture? As far as work goes I always look forward to the summer, somehow everyone seems more cheerful when the sun is out! And happy shoppers make a happy shop.

They do indeed. Now onto the less sensible questions… 

Oooh ok…

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of time what would it be?

Chocolate, it has to be! Cadburys giant chocolate buttons at that. It has the be the right kind of chocolate.

It does indeed. What about sports are you an avid fan?

No not really, I played a lot in school, hockey, netball, the whole lot. But now I prefer to watch it from the comfort of my sofa, just watching them run around makes me exhausted! I don’t really follow any teams but I’ll watch the rugby if it’s on.

And finally do you have a phrase you would like to share.

Yes -it’s what I’ve taught my son “Treat others how you want to be treated yourself”

Thank you


Introducing Cathie

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