The start of September marks Suicide Prevention Awareness Week, so we asked our friends at Sunflowers Suicide Support to share what they have been up to.

Elise sent us this…

Sunflowers Suicide Support Charity was created in memory of Pete Morris who died by suicide in 2016. His family developed the Charity to walk alongside others bereaved by suicide and to be a small ray of light in the darkness; offering others comfort and support that is so desperately needed at such a difficult time. 

Sunflowers endeavour to provide other families with practical and professional support, so they do not feel overwhelmed and alone. To give a glimmer of hope for the future.

The charity raises awareness around mental health and suicide via social media and by networking locally and nationally. Alongside delivering accredited training to the wider community and presentations sharing the Charities story. In doing so highlighting that it is okay to not be ‘okay’ and the importance of talking and of course listening.

Sunflowers feel that everyone can play a small part in connecting with and helping others to feel less alone.

Sunflowers held their Glimmer of Light event on the 10th of September. This is a poignant day for people affected by suicide as it is World Suicide Prevention Day.

The event encourages time together to quietly reflect and share. Although it may be dark and life feels tough; always have hope! Look for the light in your darkness – even a small glimmer. There is a walk to start the event, which leads to a designated area to watch the sun go down and listen to a few guest speakers. Candles/torches will be lit to shine a glimmer of light. Together we will light up the darkness.

If you are bereaved by suicide and wish to get support, please contact Sunflowers via the website or call 01453 826 990

Partner Spotlight: Sunflowers Suicide Support Charity

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