Change is hard. No matter how much we try to tell ourselves otherwise. It’s human to be worried, concerned and a little bit afraid of the unknown. Stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things can be fun and exciting. But we all need that little push now and then to take a step forward.

The same can be said for year 6 pupils as they come to the end of Primary School and get ready for ‘big school’.

While most are excited, many are anxious about what Secondary school will bring. So this summer our community youthwork team are pleased to be working alongside local primary schools. Running 4 30-minute sessions during the summer term to help young people prepare for this change.

Designed to prepare students for secondary school; our team are providing workshops on verbal and nonverbal communication, teamwork and problem-solving.

Community Youthworker Noah says “It may sound like a lot, but when it is wrapped up in games, discussions and fun activities, the pupils are able to enjoy engaging and really get to grips with their thoughts and fears.

By talking about concerns pupils may have about going to Secondary School in a fun and safe environment the team are able to build their confidence about their next steps.

Making the jump into secondary school can be a massive deal for some of the young people we meet. It’s a very big transition in their life and they always have all kinds of questions. (Which we do our best to answer!)

The sessions also give us a chance to introduce ourselves and the rest of The Door’s support services. We to invite them along to their local youth clubs which they are now old enough to attend. And of course we leave behind lots of information for their parents and guardians too.”

Find out more and find your local youth club open to all young people in years 6 -13 (for free!) on the opening hours page of our website.

Supporting Year 6 this Summer

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