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Hi, I’m Beth, I’m 20 and I have a phone mentor from The Door

I first came to The Door because my teacher forced me to. Yes, really!
I had anxiety and I was finding life hard.  She thought I should find someone to talk to.  I resisted at first but I’m so glad that I agreed and asked for support because  I’m sure I would be in a worse place than I am now without the help from The Door.

My year had been quite up and down, I  was stuck in a job I didn’t like and my gran passed away. With The Door’s help I‘ve managed to slowly come to terms with grieving. I got a new job as a carer which I really enjoy and I’ve also got into acting as a positive way to spend my time.

Mentoring is great because in amongst all the chaos I can always rely on The Door calling me every week. It gives me somebody to talk to about my struggles and helps distract me from other things. 

It’s great, the mentors don’t pressure me to talk until I am ready and they support me practically by helping me to understand things.

I think I have come a long way but I know there’s more to go. I’d love to progress further with my acting and to manage my anxiety better.

But until then I know that if I need anything The Door team are there.

Mentoring Gateway is helping young people have their voices heard:

George Says: “In lockdown I became agoraphobic – too scared of the world to go outside. Phone calls from The Door have helped me control my fears and take small steps out of my comfort zone. Now I’ve got a mentor who I see in person and we’ve started meeting for coffee at the end of my street once a week. It seems silly but for me that’s been a huge achievement!”

Nina Says: “I have seizures which mean I can’t leave my house alone. It’s so easy to get isolated and lonely I’m stuck at home. Remote support is all I can access, it’s a real life line when I’m low.”

Find out more about volunteering as a mentor or visit our support page to find out more about the services available to support you and your family including Mentoring Gateway.


Beth’s Story

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