This month’s Director’s Chair comes from CEO Victoria Robson:

As we embark on another year of service for young people and families across the district, I have been reflecting on the last two years with immense pride and awe at what the teams have achieved.

Like many organisations, we have seen changes in our staffing over the last 18 months. With the usual comings and goings and the need to increase the size of our team due to demand on our services.

This has been especially true across our youthwork team. 

We have also been able to promote sessionals into community youthwork roles increasing our need to support those relatively new into their roles as they seek to establish themselves in their communities. 

Youthwork can often be a thankless task. Working in the most challenging of environments, with youthworkers starting their day when most are starting to put their feet up at the end of theirs.  It is also highly rewarding. The team regularly achieve great things in the small steps they take with young people. Nonetheless, the challenges make their mark. And as with all our service delivery staff, this requires additional support to enable refuelling and resetting in order to continue to work with the most vulnerable.

With this in mind we are delighted to have put plans into effect to provide this additional support both through the commissioning of Gloucestershire Counselling Services. Providing reflective supervision and in the recruitment of a Youth work Manager, to provide day to day guidance as well as support – personally, professionally and administratively.

In addition, we are looking to 2022 as a time for the reinvigoration of our youthwork delivery and direction. by establishing the role of Youthwork Director. Not only will this role support our new youthwork manager. But they will also help set the agenda and overall direction of youthwork. This will help ensure that our ethos and culture continue to remain strong as we forge ahead with our mission to do the best in all we do.

So it seems that the themes of change and challenge are set to continue into the coming months. With a much-needed emphasis for all staff on consolidation as we emerge into 2022 and beyond.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. – John 1:5

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Director’s Chair

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