Help a Mum like Melanie this Mother’s Day

No family is perfect. Some get on better than others, and everyone needs a bit of guidance now and then to come together and work as a team with those around them.

External pressures such as social media, school and work impact the rhythms of family life. Individual mental health struggles and personal expectations can also put pressure on relationships in a household.  With 2020 adding in homeschooling while working from home and the anxiety of a global pandemic, many parents told us that they were feeling hopeless in their own homes. Mum’s like Melanie:

“As a mum you feel you should know what to do and be able to get everything sorted. I was trying my best, doing everything I could for my son. But I’d just end up in tears all the time.”

This is when The Door stepped in and matched Melanie with a volunteer mentor:

“Having a mentor felt a bit weird at first – I didn’t really know what to say. I find it hard to let people into my world. But my mentor is everything I needed. She knows the system and what  I needed to do to get mine and my son’s voices heard, and meeting with her is so much more than that. She’s a real friend – she’s just lovely and helpful and kind.

Sometimes I apologise because I feel like I’m talking too much, but that’s what she’s there for – to give me space to talk and to listen to me. She’s bolstered me up and encouraged me. She’s made me see that I’m doing well even when I think I’m failing.

I don’t feel like I’m on my own any more.”

Charity Gifts That Help Mums

Mothers Day Gift Card Donate Charity Gift

To set up a mentoring relationship like this one can cost as little as £10. This Mother’s Day why not add a £10 donation to your Mum’s gift with a digital gift from The Door Shop. All our digital gifts include a printable greetings card to sign and send, a great gift all on its own or as a perfect accompaniment to Mum’s favourite flowers or chocolates.  Gifts also include a printable certificate just for you as our way of saying thank you for supporting The Door.

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