Sandra’s Top Ten Tips for family life during lock down

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1. Keep Calm: slip into the lockdown stream and go with the flow; no use resisting it, it will only stress you out and remember, this is not forever!

2. Be Practical: find out what is required from work and school and find out what financial support is available before you might need it. Being organised and keeping ahead of surprises helps to avoid anxiety!

3. Be Clear: if you are working from home, be sure everyone knows what you need to do and when; clarity is very helpful for everyone!

4. Get A Structure And Some Rhythms In Place: it’s great when everyone knows what is happening, when and what is expected of them. Balance the day between school work, chores and chill time; individual time and family time!

5. Be Creative: whilst there is more time to clear out those cupboards and tidy those bedrooms, bring in some new activities and ideas too. Start up some household ‘clubs’; a Cooking club where new skills can be learned and new recipes trialled, a Board game club with an ongoing tournament score, an Exercise group for morning stretches, a Book club, a Photography club, a Gardening club. Make sure everyone gets to share their ideas and gets to be a member of several clubs!

6. Hold Regular Family Meetings: check in with individuals, review how things are going, come up with some new ideas .. this is a great way to see how everyone is feeling, how they are managing school work and what changes need to be made!

7. Get Some Family Rules in Place: this is a good way to keep the mood of the house a happy one. Respecting personal spaces, keeping communal spaces tidy and organised and using respectful language towards each other are good starting points!

8. Stay Connected: it is important for all members of the family to be in contact with friends and extended family. Make time for this and try something new like Zoom to expand the number of participants or Messenger to expand the interaction potential. It’s really healthy to look out and share experiences with others!

9. Look After Mind and Body: get everyone to step outside each day, take some air and enjoy nature … also grab some outdoor exercise!

10. Be Grateful: we have a lot to be thankful for in our lives and in each other, so hold on to Joy, Patience, Peace and Love!


If your household has someone aged 11-25 in it and you live, work or go to school in the Stroud District you can request a free call from our Family Support Team click here for more details


Sandra’s Top Ten Tips for family life during lock down

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