On Saturday 28th March 2020 a team of volunteers were preparing to give up their Saturday Morning to raise funds for this vital work. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic this is no longer possible. A collection like this would usually raise over £700 towards our work. Helping some of the most vulnerable young people and families in your community.

Every year The Door supports over 1000 young people and their families in their local communities. Giving hope and a helping hand to young people that are suffering from anxiety, depression and stress as well as other mental health issues. Providing safe spaces for all young people to come together in youth clubs and on trips. Offering advice, guidance and listening ears to parents too, gving them somewhere to belong in our support groups and offering them all positive role models through our amazing trained volunteers and professional staff.

Coronavirus might have stopped us standing on the streets, but it isn't stopping our team from supporting people. In the last week alone we have launched a whole range of 'virtual' support from instagram to youtube, zoom meet ups to phone calls. The Door is still very much open and still needs generous donations to keep us that way.

So if you'd have seen us on the streets on Saturday, on your way through the farmers market, as you went to meet a friend in a cafe or as you were doing some window shopping. If you'd have stopped to donate to one of our volunteers or even if you wouldn't have. Please donate online today. Your money will make a real difference in the lives of young people and families especially in this most challenging of times.

Please donate, like, share, comment and tell your friends. Together we can make this happen, together we can help those in need.

Here's how you can donate:

And please share our posts on social media!

Any and all donations are hugely appreciated. Thankyou in advance for your support.

Virtual Street Collection is LIVE!

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