This Month’s Director’s Chair comes from Victoria our Director of Service Delivery

If you are a regular recipient of The Door newsletters you will know that we are in the business of providing hope; hope to parents concerned about their children, hope to families that the future can be brighter and hope to young people that feel unheard. And we do this by investing in people.

By, taking the time to be kind, practically or emotionally our teams turn lives around. Our records show that simply sharing in a conversation can be an extremely powerful force for good in the life of someone that is scared, anxious or feeling trapped by their emotions or situation.

And it’s not just our staff and volunteers that can do this, time and time again it’s those we are working with that reach out to each other with a kind word of encouragement. Young people in our youth clubs cheering on their peers as they play games, or parents at our support groups reassuring each other that they are not alone.

Investing in each other in this way is so important and one of our aims is to provide the safe spaces for these conversations to happen. But we can’t do this without your continued support.

With Mothers’ Day approaching we would like to invite you to invest in us too. In a new, unique and exciting way.

While for many, Mothers’ Day is a time to appreciate all that our mothers do for us, there are many parents who won’t be given special attention on this day and instead will be struggling through.

So while you are considering what to do for your own mum this Mothers’ Day, perhaps you could say thank you by investing in another Mum too.

Open The Door for Someone’s Mum this Mothers’ Day by making a donation in The Door’s new online gift shop. For the price of a bunch of flowers you can change a Mum’s life for the better. Visit today

Together We Are Empowering Mums And Giving Them Hope

Volunteer mentors meet with parents for an hour a week to provide them with a safe space to have their voice heard and unpick what’s going on. 

“It’s not just about helping people become better parents, we aim to help people reach  their full potential in all aspects of their life  helping them find their identity again, reminding them that they aren’t just ‘mum’ or ‘dad’.”

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These gifts will be used where it is most needed in The Door’s Family Support Service.


Directors Chair

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